Priene was an ancient Greek holy city and the home of an important temple of Athena.
Alexander the Great

This house is situated on the east side of the Cybele temple. It has a large courtyard surrounded by cult chambers into which were admitted only the pure, in white raiment. It is believed that Alexander the Great lived in this house in 334 B.C. during his siege of Miletus. The people of Priene wanted to express their gratitude to him by dedicating this house where people could worship him since he made large donations for the temple of Athena. According to an inscription there was a sacred place dedicated to Alexander the great on the Sacred Stoa in Priene. The donations which were amounting a total of 1000 drachmae were made in the year 130 B.C by the important persons of the city for its repair.

The house is not different from a normal house plan. In one of the small rooms there is a sacrificial table. The characteristic of the Hellenistic period are apparently visible in the statue which was taken to the museum in Berlin.