Priene was an ancient Greek holy city and the home of an important temple of Athena.
Byzantine Buildings

During the Byzantine period Priene was a bishopric and a great part of the walls were restored and fortified. The Zeus Temple building situated in the north east corner was used a citadel. However the real citadel was the one in Acropolis of which the ramparts and towers are visible. Byzantine buildings from earlier periods reveled by demolishing the numerous buildings within the city.

The Byzantine church stands to the south of the theatre which was built in 6 century A.D. It is understood that it was the church of the Archbishopric which was 26.65 meters long and 4.28 meters wide. 

The middle nave of the church is separated from the others by the rows of Doric columns. Here are also the steps leading to the ambo and the seats for the archbishop and the priests. The apse has not been excavated completely. It is understood from the inscriptions and the certain other architectural elements that the floor of the church was belonging to Athena Temple.